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Josie Marchant's X files Fan Fiction

Welcome to my fanfiction web site. I am a newcomer to the world of fanfiction, and have only written a few stories. Some of which have been archived at the wonderful MulderTorture Anonymous Site!


Here are the stories so far:


One step at a time A tragic incident leaves Mulder dependent on Scully for help

Half way there Mulder has some troubles and doubts which jeopardize his sanity.

You'll never be alone Fox Mulder has to fight against an enemy inside of him.

The Kidnapping Mulder is kidnapped during an investigation and it's up to Scully to save him

Superman Pyjamas 7 year old Fox Mulder longs for a Daddy who loves him

It won't hurt anymore An injured Agent lies in the arms of a loved one (character death)

Possessed Mulder finds himself involved deeply in a case which has repercussions on his mind and behaviour)

Thirty Eight Years A sick Mulder just wants to be cared for


In my arms A late night visit for Scully

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