Title: It won't hurt anymore
Author: Josie Marchant
Disclaimer: They aren't mine, I wish they were, thanks Chris and FOX

The pain seemed to ebb away as she held him there in her arms.
Her cool hands softly stroking his brow. Gentle words of affection
coming from her soft red lips. Another hand running through his hair.
He had been shot, three times, square in the chest, there was a lot of
blood, and he was weakening. The EMT's were on their way, but time
appeared frozen as he lay there in her embrace. He tried to smile, just
the effort of moving the muscles in his face seemed to exhaust him.
"Listen to me sweetheart" she said to him.
She hadn't called him sweetheart before, he liked her saying it.
"Sweetheart, don't be afraid, you're going to a good place" she
always knew what to say, the right thing at the right moment.
If only he could talk he would tell her how much he loved her and needed her.
He wanted to thank her for all she had done for him.
The many times she had saved him, both physically and emotionally,
from people and from himself. It didn't really hurt now, it had in the beginning,
the burning sensation as the bullets hit him. He had hit the ground hard, crashing
onto his back. His breath catching in his throat. Then she had arrived, she would
take away his pain. Make him feel safe.
"It's going to be okay honey, I've got you" her grip tightened on him,
her head resting on his, she gently began to rock him. He remembered being
a little boy, when he was two years old. Before Samantha, before the hurt and
the tears, his Mother would rock him to sleep each night. Sometimes she'd sing.
It felt like that again, safe in the arms of a woman he loved. Gently rocking and
swaying, it was comforting. He thought back to those days, and how warm they felt,
much like he felt now. Almost at peace. He could feel himself slipping further away
from her now, as if he were drifting down stream.
Her words became unclear, although still their tones soothed him.
He wasn't afraid, he didn't even know what fear was, because she was there,
holding him.
"It won't hurt anymore sweetheart" she said...
and she was right.