Disclaimer: The X -files., Mulder , Scully & Skinner etc all belong to Chris Carter and Fox television. They have been borrowed for the purpose of this story.
Title:The Kidnapping
Author: Josie Marchant
Catagory:Mulder/ angst
Rating:NC-17 for violence and language
Summary: Mulder is kidnapped during an investigation and it's up to Scully to save him

The Kidnapping

A basement in an unknown location

"Please.....no" Fox Mulder cried, his cry was in vain as he felt the shoe come crashing into his stomach, he was cuffed to a radiator so he couldn't hold himself to ease the pain, he felt sick, sick and tired and sore. He'd been in this basement now for a few days, he wasn't sure how many, it felt indefinite however long it had been. He had followed up a lead on his and Scully's latest case and had agreed to meet with a suspect, at night. He was set upon by about five other men and bundled into a van, blindfolded and cuffed, he had no idea of his location. His cell phone had been destroyed in front of him, quickly dashing all of his hopes of Scully calling him and bringing him home. He was starving, he hadn't been given any food since he was put there, he figured he might as well ask for some, he had nothing to lose. He looked at the man sat staring at him.
"What?" he asked "what you lookin' at punk?" "I...I'm so hungry" Mulder rasped quietly, "I.....could I get a bite to....eat?"
"I'll go get the boss" the man said "don't move"
"That takes.....the piss" Mulder muttered, he clinked his cuffs on the radiator, he had to keep some small amount of humour, as he thought he'd just cry. It seemed to be hours till the man came back, Mulder had slipped into a mild sleep, but was woken by the sound of the door opening "Sc....ully" he called out, slightly disorientated.
"Hey there fella, boss sent down some food, and he said you have to eat it all" the man said with a smirk.
"Shouldn't be a problem" Mulder thought, he was that hungry, then he looked at all the stuff on the tray, there were biscuits, iced buns cakes, all things sweet that you could think of, piles of the stuff. "I'll.......be sick" Mulder looked at his captor "I can't"
"Oh, you will Mr Mulder, you will" the man bent down and shoved a cake into Mulder's mouth, being cuffed he had no choice, it was actually a nice cake and he was so hungry he enjoyed it, he ate a few more, then started to feel a bit bloated. He shook his head as another one came towards his mouth. "Come on, good boy" the man laughed, he rammed the cake in. Mulder swallowed it uneasily.
"Enough.....now" Mulder turned away, "I...I feel.....sick now"
"That isn't what you're meant to say Fox" the man said, he drew back his fist and hit Mulder hard across the head. Mulder felt his whole brain rattle inside his skull as he slipped into a half conscious state.
GeorgeTown: Scully's Apartment

"Damn it Mulder, where are you?" Scully cursed on receiving the answering machine for the tenth time that night. She had a bad feeling, she thought that he might have gone to see his Mother, which is why he hadn't called her, but that in itself was unusual. The AD hadn't helped, he didn't even seem bothered that Mulder hadn't been at the office for a few days, Mulder wasn't in his good books at the moment any way, due to some pretty off the record procedures he'd been carrying out. "Shit, I'll just call her" Scully flicked through her phone book and looked up the number "here we go, Mulder's Mom" she gulped, dialling the number she waited, she had been unaware in her angst that it was 1 am.
"Hello" a tired voice answered.
"Mrs Mulder?"
"This is Dana Scully, Fox's partner, he's not there with you is he?"
"Dana, it's 1 am"
"Oh...oh God, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you, I'm very worried about Mu..Fox, he's not been around for days, he's not been at work, I though he was with you" Scully began to worry. "He isn't with you?"
"No, I've not heard from my son in over two weeks, Dana, where is he?" Mrs Mulder began to show a little concern.
"I'm sure he's fine, I'm sorry to worry you, I'll get him to call you when I get hold of him" Scully forced some joviality into her voice so as not to worry the ageing woman on the other end of the line. "Goodnight Mrs Mulder"
"Goodnight Dana" the phone was put down. Scully sighed as she slowly put the phone down, she couldn't go to bed, not now, how could she sleep with the worry of where he was.
"Maybe he's sick" she found herself saying out loud, "I'll go to him, maybe he's too poorly to get to the phone" She found herself pulling on her sweatshirt and jogging bottoms and making her way to Mulder's apartment.
Arriving there she took out her spare key, both agents had keys to each other's apartments for emergencies. Scully half expected to see Mulder curled up on his couch, asleep. When she went in the apartment was cold, a half finished pizza lay on the table.
"Mulder" Scully called "Mulder are you here, are you all right?" there was no reply, now Scully was worried, she went over to Mulder's computer and booted it up, she put in his password (b.e.l.i.e.v.e) and accessed his e mail, there were 25 messages which he hadn't picked up, most from the lone gunmen headed "where the **** are you Mulder" Scully rubbed her eyes, she was tired, but there was no chance of sleeping now, she was very worried about the whereabouts of her partner and friend, and also about his imminent safety.
Mulder wheezed uncontrollably as another kick was dealt to his stomach, he felt almost as if the shoe had gone right inside him. The pain made him heave and he was sick all over his captor's shoes.
"Oh, you didn't want to do that Mr Mulder" the man said, he pulled Mulder up by his hair, the pain shot through his head as the guy snapped his neck back and banged his head against the radiator. The whole of Mulder's area of vision went blurred, he slid down and lay on the floor, crying now, actually bawling his eyes out. He didn't care about the humiliation, he gave that up long ago when he had wet himself with pain and fear.
"S....cu...ll...eeeeeeee" he howled, "help............meeeeee"
"You can go home Mulder, when you tell us who you're working for"
"You.......know.......FB...I.." Mulder gasped in pain, "I can't........tell.....you any more....I ..ca..n't"
"Fox, you'll have to try harder than that buddy, or do you need another push?"
"I..don't know what you're talking..........a...a...a.bout" he cried. "I.........want to...g...go home"
"Right, I gave you a chance, don't say I didn't, but you just didn't take it did you?" the man who his companion called the 'boss' bent down by Mulder, he smacked his head hard on the floor, blood seeped out from under his head, Mulder felt it trickle down his neck. He was crying hard now, petrified and in so much pain.
"Mom......my" he cried, "he....l...p....me Mo..mmy"
"Aww, does little Fox want his Mommy" the man taunted, "Well, little Fox should start talking shouldn't he, hey?" he shouted. Mulder shut his eyes, he was having problems in thinking straight now. The pain was so great that he was feeling numb. He just lay there as he felt the other man pull his pants down.
"Oh..........God.......no....no...don't......Mommy!" he screamed.
"Sir, something's wrong" Scully walked into Walter Skinner's office. "Mulder's missing, I don't know where the hell he is. His Mom's not seen him, he's not at home, he's not called, his cell phone is ringing but he's not picking up, something has happened sir"
"All right Agent Scully, calm down now"
"I can't calm down, this is Mulder we're talking about, he's missing Sir!"
"What is the likelihood of this being case related?"
"I don't know, I don't think so, the case we're working on, it's a murder, we have had suspects in for interview, but there's no reason for Mulder to be in danger from any of them"
"Are you sure he's not just gone away for a bit Scully, just to get away from everything?"
"Sir, I know that something is wrong, I know he's hurt somewhere" Scully seemed so anxious that the AD decided that she should go home.
"I'll get some Agents onto it Scully, go home and rest, you look like you've not slept"
"I can't rest" Scully stared at the AD in disbelief "not till I know he's safe"
"Agent Scully, go home, that's a direct command, I will keep you informed" Skinner was firm as he showed Scully out of the door. She made her way to her car in the parking lot and heavily sat down in the seat, her cell phone began to ring, quickly she pulled it out,
"Muld.....hello, who is this?"
"Agent Scully?" a voice on the other end spoke
"Yes, who is this?"
"That doesn't matter, I have something here that you might want, say hello Fox"
"Sc....u.." came the muffled cry from the telephone.
"Mulder? Who is this, what have you done to him?"
"You can come and get him, if you come alone, you'll find a map at your apartment, come at 2 am, bring anyone, I cut his throat, all right?"
"You bastard.....let me talk to him"
"Oh, I don't think so" the man laughed. "2 am Scully, 2 am, oh and you don't take him to a hospital either, as I'll find you both and I will hurt you, I promise you that"
"Shit" Scully shouted, she slammed the car into reverse and screeched out of the parking lot, it took her 10 minutes to get home, running up the stairs to her apartment she picked up the envelope under her door. Opening it, tears welled in her eyes. Inside was a map marked with clear co-ordinates, it was miles away and would take a good few hours to reach. Also inclosed was a Polaroid shot of Mulder, huddled on the floor hugging himself, his whole body appeared purple with bruising. "I'm coming Fox, I'm coming" Scully grabbed some things of hers and Mulders together and rushed back to her car, climbing into the drivers seat she set off again, haring down the main road to the freeway.
"Come on you" the man pulled Mulder up, he uncuffed him and dragged him out of the basement, "it's time for a ride Foxy" Mulder didn't answer, he was half conscious, he heard a haze of voices as he was dumped in the back of a van. He had no idea how long he was in the van for, but he was aware that it stopped. Suddenly the movement of being dragged out of the van made him sick again, and he vomited all down himself. He didn't care, he wanted to die. He couldn't hold on much longer he thought to himself.
"Where's Scully?" he heard his voice in his head state "I want my Scully"
Scully stared at the map, according to the marked area, it should have been up ahead, she saw some men gathered , looking at the clock it was 1:45 am. Parking the car Scully watched until the men went away, another time check revealed it was 2:00am. Scully, taking the safety catch off her gun ran into the field where the men had been stood. There sure enough huddled in a small ball on the floor was a bloodied motionless Fox Mulder.
"Oh Jesus.....oh fuck....Fox sweetheart, can you hear me honey" she bent down by him and felt for a pulse. Mulder let out a cry, he sounded like a child, the cry was a pained and frightened whimper. "Mulder, it's me honey, it's Dana, can you stand for me" there was no response. Scully very gently pulled Mulder up, he put all his weight on her, whether the adrenaline pumping inside her gave her the extra strength Scully didn't know, but she managed to almost carry Mulder to the car. Somehow she got him into the front seat, buckling him in she scooted to the drivers side and got in. Mulder stared at her not really registering anything, Scully saw the blood on his head. "It's all right Mulder, you're safe now, you're safe honey" she cupped his face in her hand and gently stroked his cheek, "I don't know where the hell we are, but I'm gonna check us into a motel and fix you up, o.k" Scully smiled at him nervously. She didn't know where she was going, but she just drove, chatting away to Mulder trying to get a response. A motel sign up ahead was a relief, parking the car Scully rushed in and booked a room. There was only one available, but judging by Mulder's condition, she thought that really didn't matter.
Scully's initial super human strength seemed to have gone now and it was much more of an effort for her to get Mulder into the motel room. He hadn't said a word since Scully had found him, and she was concerned about his head injury. Sitting him down on the bed Dana bent down in front of him, gently putting his hands in hers she looked him in the eye. His eyes were watery and hazy, the pain behind those beautiful hazel orbs was seeping out.
"Mulder, just let me know you can hear me, I'm worried" Dana whispered. Mulder gently squeezed Scully's hand. "Just don't want to talk huh?" softly Dana stroked his hair, he was sticky with blood. "Come on you, let's get you in a bath, can you do that for me?" a small nod was the response. "All right, I'll go run it, you just relax"
Scully was glad to get into the bathroom away from Mulder so that he couldn't see her tears, She had difficulty in seeing him like this, he was so frightened, like a scared little boy. Scully had shivers down her spine when she thought about what these people had done to him. Running a warm bath she went back out to Mulder. She knew that undressing him would be a task in itself. He had quite extensive injuries and she was concerned about internal bleeding. But taking heed of the man's words, she wouldn't take him to a hospital.
"Hell, I'm a doctor" she thought "I can take care of him" Gently she undid his shirt buttons, he winced in pain as she took it off him. "Oh......oh dear God" Scully stared at the bruises and cuts all over his chest. Some of them looked quite deep gashes, done with a razor blade. Mulder just stared at her, as she looked at them he let out a cry. "I'm sorry Fox, sorry I didn't mean to hurt you, shh" she kissed his head. "Let's get these pants off you, I think these should be thrown out Mulder" she smiled. "Time for a new suit sweetheart" she gave a smile. "Come on, lean on me, let's get you into that bath" rather clumsily he leant on Scully and went with her to the bathroom. Walking really did hurt, but he was so dazed that he didn't really react to the pain. Scully could tell blindfolded that her partner was in deep shock and was most likely experiencing post traumatic stress. Her main concern at that time was to clean him up. He slid into the bath silently, Scully knew that his cuts must have been stinging like hell. Gently she got the sponge and washed him, she cleansed his cut head and rinsed all the muck out of his hair. "Look up a second sweetheart" Scully wiped his face with the cloth, however still he didn't speak to her, he just held onto himself, hugging his knees in the bath. Suddenly he started to murmur quietly.
"What is it Mulder?" Scully leant in to him, "what are you saying sweetie?"
"Mo....mmy" Mulder was gently swaying.
"Yeah, we'll get your Mommy soon honey, I promise, come on, you're getting cold" Scully got a towel and wrapped it around him, Mulder actually helped a little and stepped out of the bath, although he was woozy and nearly fell. Scully steadied him. "I've got you Fox, steady now" Leading him back to the bed Scully rummaged in her bag which she had packed in a hurry. She had grabbed Mulder one of her baggy t shirts and his sweat pants which he had left round there one day after they'd been jogging together. Scully carefully put the clothes on him and laid him back on the bed. Gently she fondled his hair just looking at him. He was sick, and she knew it, but she couldn't take the risk of taking him to the hospital. Touching his forehead she could feel heat radiating off him, he was running a fever. "O.k Mulder, let's get you into bed" she said with a brave smile. She pulled the covers over him and kissed his head. "I promise you're gonna be all right Mulder, I promise" She got up and went over to the window. Rain was coming down like torrents and it looked as if there were a nasty storm on it's way. Scully's tears fell, coinciding with the rain, she felt like the storm was brewing inside of her. She was so angry, angry at the bastards who hurt her partner, her best friend.......her her love. Her thoughts were interrupted by a small voice.
"What is it Fox?" Scully rushed to his side and sat down. Mulder gave a murmur, but it was indecipherable. "Fox, talk to me, please" she got into the bed as well, Mulder just lay there watching her. Scully decided that the best thing to do was to let him lie quietly for a while. She flicked on the television with the remote control. Within a few minutes Mulder had huddled up to her, he slowly buried his head in her lap, gently fondling his damp hair Scully softly spoke to him. "You're safe now" she whispered, "I'm not going to let anyone hurt you ever again"
"I....I..'m scared....Scully" Mulder whispered quietly. "the..the.y..did...things...t..t..to m..me" Scully felt Mulder begin to tremble.
"It's all right Fox, shh, don't be scared honey, what did they do to you sweetheart, what did they do?"
"I.....I....I wan.t....M...Mom" Mulder gasped, then he let go with the biggest sob he had let out in a long time. Scully scooped him into her arms and rocked him gently, she kissed his head and whispered to him.
"It's going to be all right Mulder. You're sick honey, this will pass"
"Th..e...man..di...did..thing..s..to ...me...S..S..c..ully" Mulder stated again, a feeling of nausea came over her as the realisation of what the men did to her partner hit her.
"Mulder...I'll help you through this, I promise you that, I really do" she sighed. "My God, the bastards" she thought to herself. Mulder cried and cried into Scully, he was in a real state at this point, but Scully thought that it was better for him to cry it out. "You know that I'm here for you don't you Fox?" she ran her hand gently through his hair, and stroked the back of his neck. Mulder was beginning to wheeze with every breath, Scully saw that he was beginning to hyperventerlate a little. "Mulder sit up a second for me" she helped him up, her heart melted on seeing his facial expression, before her sat not the man she knew and loved, but the little boy that he had been. The lost little child, always wanting to please his parents, but never getting the recognition and love he deserved. He looked at Scully with his teared eyes, he felt like he wanted to bury himself in her forever. Just for her to hold him so that he would feel safe again. "Breathe slowly now" Scully whispered. "That's it, good Mulder, that's good" she smiled at him. When his breathing had calmed down he lay back down again on Scully's lap.
"Ma...ybe....it was my....fa..fault" he said quietly.
"Mulder, don't be stupid, for Christ's sake, they hurt you, they violated you, how can you even begin to think that it's your fault, honey, you didn't do anything wrong, Jesus Christ" Scully was harsh in her tone, "I don't ever want to hear you say that again Fox, you understand?" Mulder began to cry again.
"Oh no, Mulder I didn't mean to shout at you, I'm not cross with you, shh" Scully was furious with herself for upsetting him further. "I'm not cross with you, I promise you that" Scully gently caressed his cheek. The tears were still running down his hot cheeks.
"I don't feel very well......Scully" Mulder writhed in pain.
"No I know honey, I know, I'm here with you Fox"
"Do...I....ne...need a hospital....I....think...I....may....do" Scully couldn't believe it, Mulder hated hospitals and would always do anything he could to get out of having to be in one. Now the one time that he really couldn't go to one, he was asking to. Scully didn't want to make him any more frightened than he already was, she thought quick on her feet.
"I can look after you Mulder, you'd rather that wouldn't you? No nasty doctors poking at you, making you hurt? just me"
"Mmm....I.....yeah....I....I'm...h...hot" Mulder had suddenly become a little less coherent. "Mom....make....it..stop" he murmured. "Mo...mmy" Scully got up and got the face cloth from the bathroom, she damped it and put it on Mulder's forehead.
"Shh, it's all right" she whispered. "Shh, lie still sweetie" Scully was very concerned, she went to her medical bag and pulled out her ear thermometer. Gently resting it in Mulder's ear she waited for the beep. "Jesus Christ" she shouted.
"Wh....What?" Mulder looked at her through his fevered eyes.
"Nothing honey, don't worry" Scully gulped, Mulder's temperature had rocketed to 104.3. Any higher could be really very dangerous. "Fox"
"I need to cool you down a bit, you're very warm, it's all right, I'm just going to take your t shirt off you, I'm sorry if it hurts you" Gently she pulled Mulder up. He yelped in pain. "Sorry sweetheart sorry" Scully peeled the wet t shirt from him, and laid him back down. She was still worried about some of the injuries to his chest and stomach. It could have been that he had severe internal bleeding. *he needs a hospital* she thought to herself. Nevertheless she busied herself in giving Mulder a bed bath to cool him down. She gently tended to him with the cool damp wash cloth. "Hey" she said to him, "when you're better how about I take you to a basketball game?" she smiled "You can choose which one, I'll buy the tickets,it's my treat" there was little response from Mulder, he suddenly grabbed her hand.
"h...urts" he whimpered. "I.......I'm...too...h...ot"
"I know, shh I know, I'm trying to make you comfortable Mulder I really am"
"Th....irsty" he licked his lips. Scully got him a glass of water and gently put it to his lips, she supported his head and let him drink some. The amount of heat coming from him was causing her great concern. But the fear of the men who did this to her partner caused her more worry, she couldn't really take the risk of them hunting both her and Mulder down. Scully rubbed the back of her tired neck. It was now morning, and birds had started to sing in the daylight. She was exhausted, making sure that Mulder was a little more comfortable she settled down beside him on the bed, and shut her eyes, just to rest for a while.
"Sc..ully" Mulder's weak voice roused her from her deep sleep.
"Oh....oh....are you all right?" she asked, somewhat flustered.
"Your....ce..cellular" he murmured. The quiet ring of Scully's phone suddenly became audible to her.
"Oh, thanks" Scully found her phone and answered it. "Scully"
"Agent Scully, this is AD Skinner, where in the hell are you?"
"I'm with Mulder Sir" Scully replied. "I'm sorry I've not called, he's not too good at the moment, I request a couple of days absence, I need to take care of him"
"Where has he been?"
"I can't discuss this with you at the moment Sir, he's very sick"
"Where are you?"
"In a Motel, I'm unsure of our exact location. I'm sorry Sir, I know this is a severe breach of protocol, but I know that this is the right thing to do"
"Agent Scully, this is highly irregular"
"Assistant Director" Scully moved outside out of Mulder's earshot. "I believe that if I disclose where we are, both mine and Agent Mulder's lives will be in danger. Please just trust me on this one, I know that I'm doing the right thing"
"This is highly irregular Agent Scully" Skinner repeated
"Yes I know Sir, I am fully aware of that fact and I'm sorry, when I feel I can inform you I promise that I will" Scully cut him off. It wasn't the done thing to cut off the AD of the FBI but to be honest she was more concerned about Mulder than any hearing she may face when returning to DC. Quickly forgetting about the consequences of her actions she turned her focus back to Mulder lying in the bed. He looked worse again, his skin was pale, and he had dark bruises all over him. The physical pain he was going through was enough but coupled with the emotional and psychological trauma he had experienced, this whole ordeal could crush him. Scully sat down on the side of the bed, she gently took Mulder's hand. "Hey, I'm gonna go find a store or something, I want to get you some juice so I can get some vitamins into you. Make you better" Mulder responded with a load of incoherent babble. "I don't want to leave you on your own Fox, but I have to, will you just rest easy for me, I'll be as quick as I can Mulder I promise I will" Scully gently lifted his head and gave him some more water. "I'll be quick" she kissed his head and grabbing her car keys went to find a store.

Scully pulled into a local store. She saw that she was in a small town called Riverhead. The general store was small but it seemed to have everything she needed. She got some food and some orange juice. Looking around she also saw that they sold sweat pants and t shirts and socks. Knowing that Mulder was soaking wet with sweat she decided to buy him some new clothes. Then after purchasing her things she thought of her second plan of action. Looking at the pay phone she quickly scanned the area for anyone who might be watching and then dialled a phone number when she was sure that it was safe.
"Hello" came the voice.
"Hello there Dana honey, how are you?"
"Mom, I can't talk long, I really need your help"
"What is it?"
"I'm in a little place called Riverhead"
"Dana, that's miles away, what are you doing there?"
"Mulder's hurt Mom, really badly, he's been abused and he has a fever, I need for you to help me take care of him"
"Sure, bring him to the house"
"No, Mom that's it, I can't, I can't explain now, please, it's the only motel in the area, we're room 4, hurry, please"
"Dana, I'm coming honey, I'm coming"
"Thanks Mom" Scully put the phone down and hurried to the car, not wanting to leave Mulder any longer.
Coming in through the door Scully was worried that Mulder may have tried to get out of bed, she was relieved but somewhat saddened to see him lying in the bed helpless. At least when he was a little sick he would defy her by getting out of bed and trying to do things that he wasn't capable of. As he was at the moment the fighting Mulder seemed to be far away. All that was there was the little boy Fox, in pain and frightened.
"Hey there" Scully gave him a big smile. "How's my man doin' hey?" she felt his head, he was still very hot. She dabbed his head with the damp cloth again. "You want some oj?" She got up and poured him a glass. She sat down again beside him. He looked at her with his sad eyes. "Can you drink some Fox?"
"M..mmm" he murmured. Scully helped him drink it down. Although seconds later he began to retch.
"Oh Jeez" Scully grabbed the bin and held it by him while he was sick. She rubbed his back gently. "It's all right honey, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have made you drink that, I know your tummy can't take it. Shh" Mulder was in tears, the searing pain of his bruises hurt him more than ever as he brought up the freshly swallowed juice. As Scully held the quivering Agent in her arms she was beginning to think that this would never be over. She gently rocked him in her arms. Her nose nestling in his soft hair. Even though he was so sick he still smelt quite good. She kissed his head gently and whispered softly to him. "We'll be all right Mulder, my Mom's coming"
"Yeah, my Mommy Mulder, she's coming to take care of us. It's going to be all right"
The knock on the door startled Dana, she opened it and was greeted by a warm hug. Mrs Scully came in.
"Dana, have you slept at all?"
"Not really, he's been so ill Mom, he really has"
"O.k, let's take a look" Margret Scully wandered over to the bed, she had a shock when she saw the state Mulder was in. He was asleep but only lightly. Sitting down on the bed Maggie gently pushed a lock of hair from his sweaty forehead. He opened his eyes slightly and stared at her.
"He's delirious Mom, he's been calling me Mommy too a little"
"That's o.k, let him believe it if he feels better" Maggie smiled. "Hey there soldier, what's going on with you hey, not too good are you?" she whispered. Mulder forced himself to sit up and fell into Maggies arms. His head resting on her shoulder. Burying his head in her neck he whimpered "Oh, hey it's o.k shh Fox shh, I've got you" She looked up at her daughter. "Dana, he's very hot"
"I know Mom, it's over 104, but we can't take him to hospital"
"I'll tell you later" she said looking at Mulder. "let's get him sorted out first" she gently stroked Mulder's head.
"Dana, you get some rest, I'll look after Fox. You look like you need a good sleep"
"Thanks Mom" Dana sat down in the armchair in the corner of the room and pulled a blanket over herself. Within seconds she had fallen asleep.
Maggie gently laid Mulder back down on the bed. He gulped and panted with heat, Maggie looked worriedly at him.
"Fox honey, I need you to drink some water for me sweetheart" she said to him
"Mmmm" Fox opened his eyes slightly, he let Maggie put the glass to his lips. Greedily he gulped the water down so fast that Maggie had to stop him.
"You'll make yourself sick Fox, go steady honey" she smiled. "I know you're thirsty, I know" she looked at his chest. "You poor thing, they really hurt you this time didn't they" he gave a slow nod. "You get some rest now Fox, close those eyes" Maggie gently kissed his forehead.
The day seemed to pass by quite rapidly. Dana slept for most of it, as did Fox. His temperature appeared to be dropping and when he awoke he was much more coherent. He was confused as to why Margaret Scully was there but her gentle touch soon made him think that it was for the best that she was.
"How are you feeling?" Maggie asked him. Mulder's response was to wrap his arms around her waist and bury his head in her. "Still sickly hey Fox?" she stroked his head gently. "We'll get you home soon Fox"
"No...t..back to...my apartment.....not on my own.....please, not on my own" he was shaking.
"Fox, would you like to stay at my house?"
"I...I...I just don't want to be alone, that's all" he murmured.
"All right, We'll sort something out Fox, don't you worry sweetheart" Maggie was a little concerned at the reaction Mulder had about going home. When Dana awoke she laid Fox down again and took her outside. "Tell me what's happening Dana"
"Mom, it's horrific, these men kidnapped Mulder, I don't know why, or what the hell they wanted. They called me, which is how I found him, they dumped him in a field. They said that if I took him to a hospital that they would come after the both of us. I think they're serious Mom, I'm sure they are"
"Does Fox know this?"
"No, why?"
"He's scared to go home on his own"
"Oh, Mom. One of the men......he ..." Dana had tears in her eyes. "He raped him Mom" she blurted out.
"Oh my goodness, the poor boy"
"That's why he's in such a state, he's really messed up, and I don't know what to do to help him out on that one"
"Be there for him Dana, that's all you can do, just be there" Maggie hugged her daughter. "I love you Dana, I know you can help Fox with this"
Their conversation was interrupted by Scully's cell phone ringing. She went to answer it.
"This is AD Skinner Agent Scully"
"Oh, hello sir"
"You can bring Agent Mulder home now, we had three men come in and confess to his kidnapping. Well sort of three, one of them committed suicide. They're locked up and out of the way"
"How can you be sure that it's them"
"You should be in a small town called Riverhead, they said that was the nearest place to where they had him"
"Yeah, that's right, oh Thank God Sir"
"There's still the matter of you hanging up on me when I gave you a direct order Agent Scully"
"I...I know, but...."
"We'll discuss this later, for now kindly return to your homes. I'll see you both in my office on Monday morning"
"I don't know about Mulder sir, he's not too good"
"No, I'll give you details later on. It's bad though sir"
"Right, I'll speak to you later Agent Scully"
"Bye sir" Scully put the phone down. "We can take him home Mom"
"Right then, We'll put Fox on the back seat of your car and then drive to my place"
"No, Mom, I'll have him at my apartment, he's my responsibility, plus he knows my place really well"
"Does he now?"
"No Mom, you know I don't mean that, anyway what about your car?"
"I came by cab"
"Cab? that must have cost you a fortune"
"I didn't want to get lost Dana, you two needed me"
"Oh Mom, you're too good to us" Scully smiled. "Let's get him organised then"
The two Scully women went into the motel room and gathered up what little stuff they had. Mulder was still very weak from the fever, and although his temperature had gone down he was still quite unwell.
"Come on Mulder" Scully said to him. "Can you sit up for me?"
"Ye.ah" Mulder got up and put one hand on Scully's shoulder to steady himself. His whole head was spinning. "Oh....I....feel...dizzy"
"Yeah, I'm sure you do. We're going to go home now" Scully smiled. "You'll be better at home" Mulder's face went even paler (if that was possible) and he began to wheeze. "What is it? What's wrong?"
"I....I...can I stay wi...with you?"
"Of course you can Mulder, I had no intention of making you go home on your own, You're sick Mulder, you're very sick"
"Yeah" Mulder buried his head in Scully's shoulder "sick..I'm sick"
"That's right, come on let's get you to the car" Scully tied up Mulder's sneakers, he was in too much pain to bend and do them himself. Both her and her Mother supported him and walked him to the car. Scully took one of the pillows from the bed. "They'll not miss it" she smiled. "I'm an FBI agent. I'll say it was evidence" Mulder managed a weak smile as he crawled onto the back seat. Scully also climbed in the back, putting the pillow and Mulder's head on her lap she held onto him.
"You two kids ready?" Maggie asked.
"Sure am Mom"
"Sure....am......M.om" he echoed. Maggie smiled at him.
"Right let's get home"
The 'thud' and a 'smash' woke Scully from her deep sleep. She got up out of bed and pulling on her dressing gown went to investigate what she thought was QueeQueg. Turning the kitchen light on she was faced with Mulder. He was sitting on the floor resting up against the kitchen cupboards. A broken glass beside him. He was looking very sweaty and quite distressed.
"What are you doing?" Scully bent down by him and felt his head. He was still running a high temperature.
"I..I..had...a.bad..dream...and...I needed a..drink Scully...I..I'm sorry about your....glass"
"Mulder, I'm not worried about the glass, I'm worried about you. I told you that if you need anything just shout for me"
"You...you were asleep..it's 3 am"
"Fox, it doesn't matter right? You call me. Jesus you could have really hurt yourself"
"I'm...not a kid"
"I know that" Scully helped him up. "Mulder, you've been through a deeply traumatic experience. You're still not very well. Just let me take care of things all right. You let me take charge for a while" Scully helped him up and led him back to the spare bedroom. Tucking him back into the bed she felt his head "Still hot" she sighed. "I'll get you some water" Filling a glass up she returned back to the room, she perched on the edge of the bed. "Mulder?"
"Mmm?" he looked at her as he gulped down the water.
"Do you want to talk to me about what happened?"
"No" he put the glass down and lay down again. Scully puffed up his pillows.
"I think you should"
"No.....I...I don't want to" he had tears in his eyes again.
"All right, shh it's all right, shh" Scully put her hand on his shoulder.
"Ow!" Mulder suddenly shouted.
"What is it?" Scully asked worriedly. "What hurts?"
"I'm.....o.k" Mulder shut his eyes. "Just....a.bit of...pain"
"Oh, you are feeling better" Scully smiled. "Mulder, I just want you to know that I'm here all right. I'm here" she kissed his forehead. "Are you going to be all right to go back to sleep?"
"Yeah...think so" Mulder shut his eyes. "Thanks Scully"
"No problem. Sleep tight" She gently brushed his hair back off his forehead. Within a few minutes his breathing changed and he was asleep. Scully quietly got up and turned out the light heading back to her own bed.
4 weeks passed by and Mulder was still staying at Scully's apartment. He was much better now and up and about and back to his almost old self. Apart from the nightmares. He was still off work, which was driving him insane with boredom and he was driving Scully insane with his whining. One evening Scully came home from the bureau with bags full of groceries. Mulder was sprawled out on the couch with one leg dangling off and the remote control in one hand and the other draped over the side. The television was on but he was fast asleep. Scully put her bags down and crept over to Mulder. She smiled, he looked like a little boy when he slept. Going into her room and pulling a blanket off the end of her bed Scully ever so gently put it over Mulder, tucking in his stray arms and legs. He had had a bad night previously and had most likely woken the whole block with his screams. Scully although she tried had great difficulty in calming him down. She was planning on bringing up the subject of him moving back into his apartment but she thought she'd wait until a bit later on.
With him asleep she could make a start on dinner without him coming in and trying to help. Now although Mulder had great intentions, his cooking left little to the imagination and seeing as Scully was so tidy and meticulous and Mulder was down right untidy, Scully thought it best if she dealt with the dinner side of things.
With the bolognese sauce bubbling in the pan and the spaghetti cooking away nicely Scully went over to the lounge and sat down on the armchair to read the newspaper. The rustle of the paper roused Mulder. He sleepily rubbed his eyes.
"Oh hey there" Scully smiled at him. "You o.k?"
"Yeah I bet, dinner's nearly ready"
"Oh.....you should have woken me" Mulder gave a cough, "I would've helped you out"
"You looked so peaceful" Scully smiled. "I didn't want to disturb your beauty sleep. You need it" she grinned at him.
"Thanks friend" Mulder smiled "What is for dinner?"
"Spaghetti, I felt Italian"
"Ah ha" Mulder smiled at her. "Come here" he patted the couch next to him. Scully went to him. "I...I wanted to thank you. For everything you've done Scully. I couldn't have got through without you"
"No really, I owe my life to you Scully. I really do, and I'm sorry if I've been under your feet at all. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.....Dana" he looked at her.
"I'd never just leave you alone Mulder. I'm always here for you" Scully hugged him and kissed his head. "But. I do think that we should think about you going back home soon"
"Why?" he pulled away and looked at her. "I....don't you want me here any more?"
"Mulder it's not that. I just think that if you want to fully get over this, you need to take the next big step. Now look I'll do you a deal. We go to your apartment tomorrow. I will stay the night with you. The next night I will stay with you till you go off to sleep. Then that's it. But I'll call on you everyday, and also if you need me at all, anytime day or night, pick up the phone and call me" Mulder nodded slowly.
"Deal" he said.
"Good, now come on, supper's ready" Scully got up and wandered to the kitchen and began serving up. Mulder's appetite had not been perfect since his ordeal. He had put a little weight on, but not nearly enough. "Are you going to try and eat all of that?" Scully asked him.
"Yeah, it looks good" he smiled. "I like your cooking Scully. I don't mean to not eat everything"
"I know" she smiled "wine?" Mulder nodded and Scully filled his glass up.
"One day" Mulder said. "Those...guys made me eat...cream cakes"
"Cream cakes?"
"Yeah, I was hungry and I asked if I could have something and the guy came back with cream cakes. hundreds of them. Made me eat them, loads of them...I felt sick...then when I wouldn't eat them all I...they..." Mulder's hand which was holding the fork was shaking. Scully got up and put her arms around him from behind.
"You don't have to tell me Mulder" she whispered. "It's all right I can figure what they did to you" Scully kissed the top of his head. "We'll talk about this later, let's enjoy dinner"
"Yeah" Mulder smiled "it's nice" he looked up at Scully who dried a tear from his cheek.
"O.k?" Scully sat down again and picked up her fork. Mulder got half way through the meal before he was full which wasn't bad for him, plus Scully had cooked enough to feed a small army. Dumping the dishes in the sink to do in the morning the two agents settled down with some music on. Mulder put his head on Scully's lap and curled up into a ball. She put the blanket over him again.
"I want to go back to work Scully"
"I know you do, but Skinner says no"
"What does he know. I'm getting bored at home, I need to keep busy" Mulder rubbed his eyes sleepily.
"I'll have a word with him, but Mulder I'm not sure if you're ready to come back. You're still very tired, I don't think that another couple of weeks will be that bad will it?"
"Scully it will, it's driving me crazy not doing stuff"
"O.k, I'll talk to Skinner, it's his decision anyway Mulder, nothing that you or I can say will make a damned bit of difference, come on relax, let's stop talking about work"
"What do you want to talk about then?" Mulder snuggled up to Scully, she gently ran her fingers through his hair.
"Oh I don't know, do you want to watch a movie?"
"Sure" Mulder nodded. "Which one?"
"Well, you pick, I'm going to have a quick shower and get into my pyjamas, I'll be out in a minute" Scully got up and went into her room. Taking her nightclothes from under her pillow she went into her bathroom. Suddenly as she was in the shower her thoughts went back to when she had first got Mulder back to the hotel room and how she had felt when she had seen what state he was in. She remembered feeling that she loved him. Of course she knew that anyway, she did love him as he loved her, but this somehow felt different. *stop being stupid Dana, it's Mulder* she scolded herself. Hopping out of the shower she dried herself off and put her silk pyjamas and robe on. Combing her damp hair she went back out to Mulder. As she sat down he immediately reclaimed his position with his head on her lap.
"You smell nice" he said. "Sort of lavender"
"Yeah, that's the stuff" Scully smiled. "You all right?"
"Mmm" Mulder pulled the blanket around his shoulders. "You will stay tomorrow night with me won't you?"
"Mulder, I promised that I would" Scully replied. "What film did you put in?"
"Oh, that's a cheerful choice"
"Well, it's like a day at work that movie"
"I guess so" Scully laughed. "Wouldn't you rather watch a slushy one like Sleepless in Seattle?"
"Obviously you would?" Mulder looked at her with a wide grin
"Yeah, Seven isn't really a bedtime movie is it?" Scully changed the cassette and put it on. *what am I doing?* she thought to herself. *slushy movies with Mulder*
"Are you going to stay still now?" Mulder asked "you keep moving just as I get comfy"
"Well I'm sorry" Scully said with a smile. She leant over and kissed his forehead *stop it Dana* she told herself *you've had wine*
"Why the kiss?" Mulder asked. *think Dana think*
"Because" Scully smiled at him. "I'm glad I didn't lose my best friend"
"Me too" he replied. Mulder snuggled up closer to Scully and they watched the film. By the time it had ended Mulder had fallen fast asleep on her lap. She hoped that he would be all right to return to his apartment. She would miss having him around the place but she also wanted to prevent her feelings from developing into something more than what they already were.
Mulder awoke in the night sweating and shaking. He felt sick so ran to his bathroom. This was only the fourth day he had had back at home. He hadn't been doing too well really. He'd telephoned Scully 3 times each night and she had talked to him and reassured him that he would be all right. He flew into the bathroom and hugged the basin of the toilet as he was sick. He looked in horror as blood poured from his mouth. This sight made him shake even more.
"Scully" he murmured. Looking at his watch he realised it was 5am. But as he retched again and yet more blood came up he staggered to the telephone.
"Mulder, what is it?" Scully picked up the phone beside her bed "you all right?"
"I..I've thrown up"
"Oh....make yourself up a hot water bottle and put it on your tummy"
"Sc..Scully...there's blood....oh..oh no" he retched again.
"O.k, all right stay put honey I'm coming. I'm coming" Scully put the phone down. "Shit" she pulled on some clothes and hurried to Mulder's apartment. Letting herself in with her key she ran to the bathroom. Mulder was leaning up against the bath with blood all down his front and all round his mouth. Tears were streaming down his pale face.
"It....keeps...coming up" he cried. His face was white, and a trickle of blood came from the corner of his mouth.
"All right, it's all right. I'm gonna call an ambulance Mulder, something must have ruptured" Scully pulled out her cellular and dialled 911. Mulder was having problems breathing as his lungs were filling with blood Scully held onto him gently stroking his cheek. "You'll be all right Mulder. I'm here"
"Dr Scully?" a doctor came out of the theatre, he shook Scully's hand. "Agent Mulder is in a stable conditions. He had a broken rib which ruptured his lung and caused a heamorrage. Were you aware that he had been hurt?"
"Yes, on a recent case, he's been off work. I thought he was getting better"
"Well, if he rolled over in his sleep or something like that could have punctured the lung. You were right to phone 911 when you did"
"Can I see him?"
"Sure, he's a bit groggy from the anaesthetic"
"That's o.k, I only want to say hello" Scully smiled. The doctor led her along the corridor to room 834 where Mulder was lying in the bed. He looked very pale. Scully walked up to his bed and took his hand , he slowly opened his eyes slightly.
"I'm......sorry" he murmured.
"Why are you sorry? it's not your fault Mulder"
"Don't be stupid. it's all right. how do you feel now?"
"Yeah, I bet you do. They've had to open your chest to get to your lungs. It's all sorted out now though Fox. You're all right" Scully stroked his hair back from his face. "You can come home in a week"
"A....week" he sighed.
"Mulder, you're lucky it's not longer, you were very lucky"
"I'm......tired" Mulder shut his eyes.
"You rest, I've got to go and see Skinner at the office" Scully smiled, "I'll call and see you later all right?"
"All right....thanks"
"See you soon Mulder" Scully turned to leave.
"Hey where's my goodbye kiss" he called. Scully returned to the bed and kissed Mulder's cheek. "I'm glad I didn't lose my best friend" he smiled.
"Me too. Speak to you soon. Sleep tight" Scully left the room and went to meet Skinner at the Federal building. This was to be the biggest meeting with him that she had had in a long time the fact that she and Mulder had severely breached protocol would be brought up by Skinner.
But as Special Agent Dana Scully walked into the building all she cared about was that her Fox Mulder was safe now. Whatever penalty she may face from the bureau, she wouldn't have to face it alone.

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